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Netvibes - Your new home page with... Everything!

Image via CrunchBase I tried using yesterday and liked it so much it's now my desktop background. You can follow the instructions from this site to make it a desktop object. Then visit my netvibes page here .

Jott - convert your voice into text, and so much more

Jott is a new online tool, a very useful one at that, converts your voice into emails, text messages, reminders, lists and appointments. It has a lot of useful applications that link to it such as gmail, wordpress and blogger, and some other stuff you can connect it to. I use it to leave voice messages and SMS to my contacts simultaneously, and best of all its free!

The Google Android phone - my new dream phone

Image via CrunchBase Google is all over the internet, and now they'll be taking over your cellphone. Their project called Android will be the new platform for the coolest new applications ever soon on a mobile. The phone software will combine with hardware to link to the internet and enable new ways to use the cellphone, combining GPS navigation, the internet, and cellphone portability to create Commandro a fresh new mobile social networking tool. Some incredible new software applications are coming out later this year and they are innovative, revolutionary and just plain awesome. My favorite is the new text input software called Shapewriter , check out the Youtube video . Now you can message faster than ever, "write" words in just one stroke, it truly is remarkable. Another cool tool is CookingCapsules for all you chefs and food lovers, it makes cooking easy by showing you how to cook, and where to buy the ingredients.

Future Photography - The 3D virtualization of your digital photos

Imagine your flat photographs magically pieced together to form a virtual world which you can "travel" inside. You can zoom in and out just as if you were there. It really is incredible to see! Microsoft's new technology for digital photos is amazing, the project from Microsoft Live Labs is called Photosynth , the futuristic application can be experienced at The software analyzes your digital photos and links them together to create a virtual 3D representation of your picture collection. It's quite breathtaking to see although the "Tech Preview" is limited to the developers own snapshots.