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Must see video on how to open your wine bottle with a shoe.

Google Goggles on android - via twitter

Google Goggles is a cool app that searches using the photo you take from you phone. Try it!
Back at the gym now. I'll have 6 pack abs by March. Who wants to wager?
Sky lounge Christmas meal Gift, sunset, fireworks, piano Unforgettable

Money Jars - budget management tool

Made my money jars and labels :D

Money jars a simple system for managing finances

I learned about money jars last week at a seminar and now I'm preparing the 6 jars to practice the simple system for finances.
Do any of you guys use

Star Trek fiction is now reality, the VSS Enterprise unveiled!

Image by xeni via Flickr Book your place in space! Virgin galactic has finally shown more details about their space travel plans. In their spaceport in Mojave, their spaceship rolls out!

Lifestyle design is back online

Image via Wikipedia Lifestyle design, life hacking, whatever you call it is now one of my priorities and I'm here to guide those who want to join one of my the guys I follow,  Tim Ferriss .