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Rechargeable battery that can charge from any USB port

Image via Wikipedia We all use batteries, and rechargeable ones are more cost effective and "greener" too. Here's an ingenious idea that's been out for some time now which I believe should be available in more places. These rechargeable batteries can be plugged into any USB port. It's good for the environment, easy to use, and overall a great idea! USBcell

Fix your focus fast!

We all need to focus more. Did you know you can pay attention to only about 7 things at a time? Make sure you prioritize on important things so that you can finish your tasks. How do you do that? There are several things you can do, a few minor improvements in your daily habits can mean major changes in your ability to focus and be more productive. Here's what you can do....

Turn your phone into an Android

Time for an upgrade? What kind of phone do you have now? Maybe you even have 2 cell phones, one is a spare phone for using with another telecommunications network or for talking to people you label “unlimited”. Perhaps you still have a trusty monochromatic phone that is very reliable but so worn, torn and old that it is in dire need of a “retirement”. It could be time to consider getting a breath of fresh technology and take a peek at some lively new colorful touchscreen cell phones that have multiple uses; such as your unending media player, digital videocamera for social sharing on facebook, break-time entertainment gaming device, office voice recorder for reviewing gossip, and the ever dependable but annoying alarm clock, all-in-one. There are more features packed in the newest line of phones available now than in your locker or briefcase, man-bag or purse. With so many newfangled tech features to choose from, sometimes it may seem overwhelming. Let’s get those t

Google acquires yet another company to improve search services

Metaweb  just got bought out. The company has been improving the way we classify words and sort through all the data on the internet has compiled "entities" - these will replace words as the new way to look for information. This video explains how the future of web search is about to get much better.

How did Jason Statham lose 17 lbs. in 6 weeks working out for only 35 minutes a day?

Jason Statham has never ever had a result like this ever, or so he says, go check out the Men's Health  article, its quite brutal!

I just made my first Android application using Google App Inventor.

Image via Wikipedia The new software "Google Application Inventor" for Android is so easy, even kids can use it! Well that's because the programming language software was built with kids in mind. The interface uses objects and graphics that remind me of Lego building blocks and jigsaw puzzle pieces, it has some advanced capabilities to play around with. I've finished the 2 tutorial applications that Google had prepared to familiarize myself with the basics. So far it's fun, and very intuitive. I like the way code is represented visually and I believe all types of users will be able to make their own Android Apps when it is fully released to the general public.

If you do this, you will become more successful. If not, you will waste years living in regret. What is it?

It's something that will accelerate your success by raising your awareness and giving you knowledge that can change your life for the better. Knowing this you can then become more aware of what you want. Then you will know what's stopping you from getting it, afterward you can learn how to overcome the obstacles that prevent you from getting it, so that you can go out there and finally get it! Get it? What is it? The answer to that question is...

Social Gaming in the future

Image via Wikipedia There's a whole lot of fun in store for the future! With some of the top internet and media companies vying to win the battle for your leisure time. Who will be the king of social gaming? Will it be Apple, Disney, or Google? Maybe a smaller business will come up with sometime new, or perhaps Zynga with their super popular line up of games like farmville will be the next big social site. Several big businesses have noticed that the next big idea in the development of the social internet is connected to games. Gamers especially the casual ones are now a huge market to cater too. What used to be the domain of young kids and teenage boys are now the new medium for interacting especially after the popularity of casual games on Facebook. Now even more women and people in the 30+ age bracket are joining in on the fun and...

I got the new book The Power on my wishlist!

The new book "The Power" by Rhonda Byrne is the sequel to her first book The Secret. It's available now on pre-order. I'm excited to grab my copy which is on pre-order. You too can check it out here at  The Power .

The Power - Sequel to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret was a nice video that helped inspire me a lot. The message opened my awarenes and the book was a good follow-up with added insights.  Now the sequel to the Secret is here. The Power by Rhonda Byrne is coming out this month. Check out the trailer below!

Google invests in new search software that predicts the future

Yes the future is now predictable! Google invested in a company called Recorded Future that has "Temporal Analytics" software. And it looks like the future of search engines is now here. The people at Recorded Future  and their software can help predict the future by looking at vast information from the internet and free data from the past to analyze specific points in time that can assist us in important time-based decision making. This can be very profitable in financial forecasting, it can also help with security in terrorism, following safety in weather tracking and in following political timelines that even the CIA uses. Their blog is very interesting, it takes samples of trends in search topics like company IPO's for managing risk in wealth building for the finance industry. While hot topics like wars can also be used for tracing events leading to terrorist attacks. In newspapers like USA Today or the Wall Street Journal , you can track interesting topics or brea

Even kids can make mobile apps with the new Google App Inventor

Google has a new project called " App Inventor " for the Android . It is a new software development tool that gives ordinary people the chance to create mobile applications easily and quickly. By giving people the ability to make their own apps, Google will open the gates of software development at all levels of creativity regardless of age, programming knowledge, or technical savvy. The simple interface allows an everyday user without and advanced programming knowledge to build a program from scratch. In fact it is so simple to use, that children can use it, and it was developed in consideration of the fact that most people have basic knowledge of computer usage. App Inventor will open the floodgates for new Android software to get published. This will help the market by providing fresh apps, but in the mean time it may dilute the overall quality of the software already available. In the long run competition will increase as thousands of people invent apps, and millions

Brain sensor makes mind control possible by reading your thoughts!

Mind control with a "neuroheadset" Mind control has been seen in comic books and science-fiction for a long time in great stories told by visionaries from our past but now it's more than just a possibility, it is a reality! Brain sensing controllers are available and here's one from a company called Emotiv. Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. It is a neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset. By using sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain, it can detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and it can connect wirelessly to most computers. How would you like to be able to just use your thought to control something, it could be a feeling or an emotion that would signal a device to to dynamically create different colors, shapes, music, sounds, and art. Real life applications for this technology include assi

My Favorite Comfort Food

The darker the better,  like that  saying  "Once you go black...". Dark chocolate! First of all, it's healthy! Then can you imagine a world without chocolate? It's definitely boring. I used to eat all types of chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, but now the darker the better.  I remember someone telling me that chocolate is bad for your health. Well actually its too much sugar that's bad, not the chocolate itself. And science has proven that chocolate has

What Keeps Me Up at Night

Those cylons are sneaky! The Battle Star Galactica series! Each episode is truly remarkable, great top caliber acting. Then starting tomorrow... Starcraft 2!

Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world | Video on

Image via Wikipedia I help the world by playing games! Interesting talk on about how games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how. She has an online game where people participate and solve real-life problems like how to live in a world without oil , an alternate reality gaming project where thousands of people have joined to...

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is out after 12 years!

Nuclear launch detected! Finally Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty is here! The sequel to one of the best games ever is out now and the success of this gaming franchise has been phenomenal, after all 11 million players have played the first game and some still do. I remember playing this game way back in high school and it was the most popular game at my internet gaming shop. I can't wait to play it and see all the new units, features and the always compelling story behind it all. It can also help save the world ! One of the coolest things to do in the games was to launch a nuke! And finding the target on the map was difficult for the opponent to save because it was just a tiny red dot. I remember the friends I played against would keep scrambling to get their units and building out of the way, it was so much fun!

Moving on to live the Four Hour Work Week

I've been using the principles from the Four Hour Work Week book by Tim Ferriss , it's been very useful and has helped me streamline my work to save more time. One of the things I love is the application of the Pareto Principle  in many situations, it has helped me with increasing my efficiency in work, play and several hobbies too. I bought my copy at Barnes and Noble .

Your very own Android tablet for $35!

I'm and Android Tablet, buy me for 35 Bucks! I read this article from engadget  about the Indian Institute of Science are mass producing an Android Tablet for 35 dollars. Low cost personal computing for every man and woman and child is coming! Imagine the possibilities for education at all levels of society, students of all ages can now use these to learn and communicate more globally.

Lucid dreaming and inception

While watching the movie Inception , I was quite impressed with the hallway fight scene. It was very creative, imaginative and was amazing to see. It made me remember a few things from childhood that I used to do and dream about. One of which is lucid dreaming , it was really fun to be able to control my dream and alter everything around me. I'm going to do it again and see just how fun and powerful it can be now.

Rework - Book Review

I got my copy of the book Rework  from the guys at 37signals . I had it ordered at Fully Booked and it took a month or so before I got my hands on my copy. When I finally got it, I was initially shocked at the topics in the chapters, they were thought provoking. Yet  after reading the whole book - I was pleasantly surprised at much of the new insights I gained. The wisdom within is simple yet profound. Some of the ideas in the book are quite hard to swallow at first, because they go against the paradigms and beliefs we have acquired from life and other people. One thing they all have in common is that they are simple truths, they are based on results, and based on...
Having pizza in the middle of the ocean in the floating bar at bantayan island, cebu.
having a blast in cebu at the sinulog festival
Excited for Cebu!
Watched Ne-yo at MoA, thanks Don!

Make you own Social Network with Ning

Image via CrunchBase I've created my own social networking website using Ning visit my site at Related articles by Zemanta Ning No Longer Free - Some Alternative Social Networking Sites (