Even kids can make mobile apps with the new Google App Inventor

Google has a new project called "App Inventor" for the Android. It is a new software development tool that gives ordinary people the chance to create mobile applications easily and quickly. By giving people the ability to make their own apps, Google will open the gates of software development at all levels of creativity regardless of age, programming knowledge, or technical savvy.

The simple interface allows an everyday user without and advanced programming knowledge to build a program from scratch. In fact it is so simple to use, that children can use it, and it was developed in consideration of the fact that most people have basic knowledge of computer usage.

App Inventor will open the floodgates for new Android software to get published. This will help the market by providing fresh apps, but in the mean time it may dilute the overall quality of the software already available. In the long run competition will increase as thousands of people invent apps, and millions of users will be able to give feedback on improving each app, overall this will stimulate and get ideas flowing in and around the world much faster.

This is a great opportunity for creative people to get involved in a worldwide software development platform that is easy to use, free to publish, and has a major social impact.

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daylef said…
Update - I finally got access to it today!

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