Fix your focus fast!

We all need to focus more. Did you know you can pay attention to only about 7 things at a time? Make sure you prioritize on important things so that you can finish your tasks. How do you do that?

There are several things you can do, a few minor improvements in your daily habits can mean major changes in your ability to focus and be more productive.

Here's what you can do....

Eliminate distractions that interrupt your flow. Small things like unexpected noise, like voice calls or IM messengers that are always online can pop up and distract you. Make sure to turn off internet messengers, e-mail, even your cellphone volume can be put aside so that you can concentrate at the task at hand.

Too much multi-tasking disrupts your efficiency. Focusing on improving your attention span is important in completing everyday tasks. Practice focusing on finishing faster and better with each task that you do. Just like exercise it takes consistent practice to build up your attention span, persistent repetition of these small improvements can build a habit and extend your focus.

Personally I use a digital timer, I set it to 15 minutes and concentrate on doing just 1 task. When the alarm goes off, I take a 2 minute break to stretch and walk around. After 3 breaks and I feel a little dehydrated I drink a glass of water. After about 7 breaks or 2 hours of consecutive focused effort. I take a light snack and take a longer break to refresh.

This helps revitalize my mind and body to reassess my progress and see what else I can improve.

I'll be adding links here to articles that help improve focus.

Lifehacker article on Focus
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