Google invests in new search software that predicts the future

Yes the future is now predictable! Google invested in a company called Recorded Future that has "Temporal Analytics" software. And it looks like the future of search engines is now here. The people at Recorded Future and their software can help predict the future by looking at vast information from the internet and free data from the past to analyze specific points in time that can assist us in important time-based decision making. This can be very profitable in financial forecasting, it can also help with security in terrorism, following safety in weather tracking and in following political timelines that even the CIA uses.

Their blog is very interesting, it takes samples of trends in search topics like company IPO's for managing risk in wealth building for the finance industry. While hot topics like wars can also be used for tracing events leading to terrorist attacks. In newspapers like USA Today or the Wall Street Journal, you can track interesting topics or breaking news stories and see all the history leading to that even and see where it is all heading.
It's all quite amazing and displayed in a very visual 3D presentation and the information can be read, edited, and saved for archiving easily.
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