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How to have a stronger body - Torture Twist

This exercise is great for strengthening your midsection; and for those of you want six pack abs, you also get the extra benefits of looking great by improving your core muscles you will become stronger overall! Torture Twist

Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.2

Here's the 2nd part of the video of Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Bruce Lipton about the power of the mind, healing oneself, and epigenetics! YouTube - Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.2 :

YouTube - Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1

The new science of genetics shows us that we can control our genes at the cellular level. We are not victims of heredity because we can change our perceptions and beliefs and then our cells follow our commands! The mind can heal the body just like in the placebo effect . There is also a nocebo effect which can harm or kill us if the mind believes it to be true. The power of the mind changes the cells to manifest the belief we want. In this video Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about spontaneous remission where terminal patients heal once they let go of all these negative beliefs that caused the disease to happen in the first place. YouTube - Dr. Wayne Dyer & Dr. Bruce Lipton, Pt.1

Daniel Kish - The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See With Sound

Daniel Kish is a totally blind man who has transformed the world's perception of his "disability" into a super power. His story is truly amazing! Without sight, he uses sound to "see" his environment just like a bat does using sonar. He can do extraordinary things that blind people can't and people with eyes take for granted. He mountain bikes and camps out alone for weeks while navigating through trails, cross rivers and avoiding trees!

What is Bitcoin? It's Banking Anonymously!

What will money look like in the future if it's traded anonymously in any country around the world freely?. There's a new form of virtual currency called bitcoin that can be used to exchange goods and services around the globe with many new benefits. It's a big new concept that needs a whole lot of big words to explain so check out the link and see for yourself in this video.  YouTube - What is Bitcoin?