Daniel Kish - The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See With Sound

Daniel Kish is a totally blind man who has transformed the world's perception of his "disability" into a super power. His story is truly amazing! Without sight, he uses sound to "see" his environment just like a bat does using sonar.

He can do extraordinary things that blind people can't and people with eyes take for granted. He mountain bikes and camps out alone for weeks while navigating through trails, cross rivers and avoiding trees!
He can do so many things that sighted people can do even better like take apart things and rebuild them.

I believe what he's accomplished is inspiring to all people, he has used his powerful mind to do things previously thought impossible and now that he's honed his technique of perceiving the world through "echolocation" or what he calls "flashsonar", he now teaches his method to other blind people too.

He is a truly remarkable human being! He reminds me of the comic book character Daredevil. I consider him a true visionary, and now he teaches other blind people this powerful method of echolocation. What is his technique and how can you learn to use this power? Find out more and check out this article to find out more about him: Men’s Journal » The Blind Man Who Taught Himself To See

And watch a video of him using his flashsonar here - Daniel Kish and Derren Brown
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